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A Brotherhood of Men Becoming Whole Again

This brotherhood is a support community of men becoming whole again through foreskin restoration. We are here to provide information, share experience and support each other through the journey of becoming whole.

“So…what is foreskin restoration?”, you may be wondering.

Foreskin restoration is the process of expanding the skin on the penis to reconstruct an organ similar to the foreskin, which has been removed by circumcision or injury. 


Why would a man want to do this? There are several reasons why a man would want his foreksin back. First let’s explore what the foreskin is and what it does.

The foreskin of a normal intact penis is comprised of outer shaft skin, which is long enough to cover the glans (head) of the penis, and inner, mucosal skin, which maintains contact with the glans, keeping it moist, protected, healthy and sensitive. If you have never seen an intact penis, the texture of the inner foreskin and glans is moist, soft and delicate, like the inside of your mouth. The foreskin also contains thousands of special nerves, which respond to movement: folding, gliding, wrinkling and stretching.

The function of the foreskin is partly to protect the highly erogenous delicate tissue of the head of the penis from chafing and drying. It provides high levels of sexual stimulation and a wide range of different sensations due to the special nerves it contains. The foreskin also functions as a lubricant during sex; the gliding action of the skin up and down the shaft reduces friction. Circumcision eliminates these functions.

Now here are some reasons, physical and mental/emotional reasons a circumcised man would want his foreskin back.

  • He has less than satisfying sex – loss of sensation
  • He has sexual dysfunction
  • He feels a sense of being incomplete
  • He has tight uncomfortable or painful erections
  • He experiences irritation from clothing
  • He feels as though something was taken from him

Before restoring, my penis felt numb like a broom stick.

Restoring Bro

Foreskin restoration cannot completely replace what was lost in circumcision. However, the function can be regained, as well as much of the sensation. This will improve sexual function, sexual satisfaction, general well being and ones sense of self. Restored men feel more complete, are happier and have better sex.

If you want better sex, more self esteem and to feel whole again, consider restoring your foreskin. Check out the rest of our site for more information, and consider joining us. We welcome new Restoring Bros with open arms.

*This site is a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by! Visit us again soon for updates and new stuff.*